Fun Summer 2016 Marketing Brought to Light


Are you a big fan of summer? Well, believe it or not, you’re not alone—Marketers love summer too! Whether the marketer is promoting brands at a large music festival, credit cards next to our favorite summer singer, coffee with our favorite Hershey bar, or our favorite Mexican Grill is giving away free chips and guac (we’re looking at you Chipotle), summertime is a great time for marketing! Not only for the marketers themselves but those who see the benefits too.

Through the sweltering heat this summer, companies have still managed to promote their goodies. Here are a few summer marketing strategies that have dominated the hot weather and have caught the eyes of consumers through their sunglasses:


Firefly Music Festival


Yes, that’s right, the Firefly Music Festival is more than just a four-day music, and camping session for millennials on the East Coast. Firefly offers spots for partnership with other companies to come to the festival and raise awareness of their brands. With a crowd of young professionals, it only makes sense that this years’ partners included: Bud Light, Stub Hub, Toyota, Showtime, Malibu, and Chipotle.


Citi Concert Series on Today


What better way to promote credit cards than world-famous musicians? That is what Citibank has done with The Today Show this summer. With concerts at least once a week, Citibank promotes their Citi Double Cash Card to anyone who watches the news in the morning. There is a wide array of musicians for this marketing strategy, including Jimmy Buffett, Alicia Keys, and Blake Shelton. This strategic promotion has the opportunity to reach multiple demographics, simply based on the choice of musicians.




Did someone say free burritos AND guac? With Chipotle’s summer reward program Chiptopia, members can earn free food through this summer promotion. This is a three-month-long promotion offered by the chain that allows members to open new status levels, receive free food, and ultimately increases engagement with the company. After the recent E. coli outbreaks, this is a thoughtful way to earn back consumer loyalty that has been lacking in the past months.


Dunkin’ Donuts


As one of America’s favorite coffee chains, Dunkin Donuts has it going on, especially in the summertime. With iced coffee as a staple piece to so many coffee drinkers, it is strategic if any cross-promotions happen during the summer months. In years past, Dunkin Donuts has partnered with Baskin-Robins ice cream to bring customers innovative flavors, and this summer, Dunkin Donuts has partnered with Hershey to bring customers new iced coffee flavors, introducing Almond Joy and Heath candy bar flavorings. With this promotion, coffee drinkers can now enjoy the sweet new taste of classic candies.

Whether you are the type of person who seeks out promotions in the summer or not, you will be exposed to various marketing tactics. Some promotions may be more relevant to you than others, but at the end of the day, this summer has shown that there are so many ways to get creative in the summertime when it comes to marketing.

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