Marketing vs. Accounting: Do They Have Anything in Common?

To the common folk, marketing and accounting seem like two very separate areas in business. One is the image and representation of the company, while the other is the behind the scenes work with financials and budgets. But they are pretty close, or at least they need to be.

Marketers need to be aware of the budget that the company has for advertising. They can’t just blow away as much money as they want. If you go over budget but sales stay the same, then there’s no point. You’ll be losing money. But on the flipside, the accountants will need to create enough room in the budget for the marketers to work with. So you’ll need to develop good relationships between the two of you, or in bigger companies the dozens of you.

You all can get together and see if what campaign you’re putting out will increase the profits enough where you should do that same idea again, or a need a new plan of attack. Relationships are the key to success!

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