Canva 101

Easily create seamless designs with the free online platform Canva. Perfect for students to use, to create the perfect designs for your projects!

Canva 101:

To begin start by using a Canva pre made template or start from scratch by uploading your own picture. Canva gives you endless options while choosing your templates. Pick from customized dimensions, and use specific keyword searches to find the right template for your specific project!

Pointer: For choosing images to use for your designs; there are a number of copyright free image sites right at your fingertips:


Tip: If you upload an image and want to make the background transparent, to make your design top notch, try using LunaPic (free online photo editor).

Colors: Pay attention to your color choices. If you are unsure of what color palette to use for your design know that each color has a different meaning/significance behind it.

Fonts: When choosing fonts make sure that the font is cohesive to the particular project that you are designing for (i.e., if you are making a design for a very professional client stick with easy to read and basic style fonts).

Elements that we love to use!

Grids: These are perfect for building a photo collage! Found under the elements tab, there are several different layouts to choose from. You can also adjust the width of your dividers!

Gradients: If you are sticking with a solid colored background, try using a gradient option, to take your design to the next level! Experiment with your own color choices to make your design effortlessly seamless.

The Do’s and Don’ts:


Make sure your slides are clean and simple, if they are too cluttered this will take away from your presentation. Stick with a white or light color where text is easily visible. Stay away from using clipart, animated pictures, or slide transitions; make sure to use pictures tastefully. Having a consistent logo on each of your slides makes for a more professional looking presentation!


Do not be to text heavy, simple text is always best when designing creatives. Make sure you find your focal point, whether that be text or image focused. If you are making a series of creatives for a project/client stick with a consistent tagline for each of your creatives. Last but not least, using high resolution images are very important, you want your creatives to be as seamless as possible! 



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