The following idea of BRAVING from Berne Brown’s Super Soul Sessions: The Anatomy of Trust. The link to the video can be found at the end of this blog.

Trust is an essential component of any type of relationship. The foundations for trust consist of several different parts that can be represented using the acronym BRAVING. In this case, the letters stand for Boundaries, Reliability, Accountability, Vault, Integrity, Nonjudgement, and Generosity. Each of these can be applied to the world of sales and marketing when understanding how to build and maintain relationships with others.


In sales and marketing there is a fine line between persuading a person and manipulating someone into buying something they don’t really need. In order to establish and maintain trust, certain boundaries should not be crossed. These may include knowing when there is too much contact, recognizing when it is appropriate to display humor, and understanding when to stop pushing in sales situations.


It is important to be dependable when building trust. Being reliable means that a client and salesperson can be counted on to come through on their word consistently over time. It is important to try and keep promises made because if they are broken, then trust can be quickly destroyed.


Being accountable for your own words and actions is important, especially in the business world. Accountability occurs when something happens, or a mistake is made. Successful salespeople are known for owning up to their failures or mistakes, apologizing, and making amends in order to correct their wrongs. All of these three things must occur in order for a person to be considered accountable.


The vault is where secrets are kept and represents the confidentiality between a salesperson and their clients. Keeping information safe from a breach in confidentiality is very important. Successful businesspeople keep confidential information because if they don’t, they destroy trust and may lose clients, friends, or even face a lawsuit in the process. 


Making sure information that is said in confidence may require courage over comfort, choosing what’s right over what is fun, or practicing values rather than preaching. Integrity is how respectful a person is to another which is very important in sales. Choosing to do what is right over what is easy is a great way to build trust with a customer. If you recommend a different brand over your own to better fit a customer’s needs, a stronger bond of trust is formed.


Not judging a client is extremely important and ties into integrity. If a client does not understand the information being given to them, they should not be judged for what they do or do not know. Instead, the marketer or salesperson should help teach the client in a kind and respectful manner in order to foster growth and trust in the relationship.


A trusting relationship includes being forgiving and assuming the best when someone makes a mistake. If someone is late for a sales meeting, a generous assumption is made as to why they were late when there is trust in the relationship. A generous assumption entails giving someone the benefit of the doubt in a situation.

To learn more, you can watch Berne Brown’s Super Soul Sessions: The Anatomy of Trust Video: https://brenebrown.com/videos/anatomy-trust-video/

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