Executive Board


You can find our e-board in Salerno every Wednesday afternoon discussing ways to make our AMA chapter the best it can be. They spend time each week planning upcoming meetings, competitions, club events and promotional ideas, while also coming up with creative and engaging way to keep our members and the SJFC community involved.

Rebecca Brant | Co-President

Senior | Marketing

Favorite Part of AMA:  Meeting people all around the world who love marketing as much as I do while making life-long relationships!


Emily Risch | Co-President

Senior | Marketing

Favorite Thing about AMA: The networking and professional experiences and all of the knowledge that it’s brought.

Nathan Fuller | Vice President

Senior | Marketing

Favorite thing about AMA: Immense opportunities that you wouldn’t get anywhere else.

Clay Bailey | VP of Communications

Senior | Marketing

Favorite part of AMA: The opportunity to make connections with marketing professionals, gain hands-on experience, and learn alongside AMAzing friends! 


Dustin Tomaka | VP of Membership

Senior | Marketing

Favorite Part of AMA: Making new friends and learning useful tips from guest speakers!


Sarah Zulawski | VP of Fundraising

Senior | Marketing

Favorite Part of AMA: Getting to meet local professionals in the marketing field and hearing their words of advice, while gaining experience of my own.

Charlie Holvey | VP of Community Service

Senior | Marketing

Favorite Part of AMA: All the networking opportunities and professional connections!


Tessa Joseph | VP of Professional Development

Senior | Marketing

Favorite Part of AMA: Developing personal and professional relationships, while having numerous opportunities to have new experiences within the marketing field.

Mariah Doig | Treasurer

Senior | Business Management

Favorite Part of AMA: Meeting new people and developing relationships on a professional and personal level.