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Marketer of the Month!

Morgan van der Horst

This months marketer of the month, went above and behind to plan this years marketing week. Learn more what Morgan has to say about what inspired her to join AMA, what new knowledge she has from being a member, her favorite part of the club, and more in her interview!


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SJFC AMA Blog Posts!

SJFC AMA Blog Posts!

Three Tips for Writing a Cover Letter

A cover letter can help a job seeker stand out from the other qualified candidates that are applying for the particular job. At worst, it can make a guaranteed candidate look uncreative. Unfortunately, most cover letters are somewhat generic, making them boring. Ask yourself this question, would your cover letter keep your attention if it […]

Why Brands Are Turning to Snapchat

How many advertisements do you see in a single day? Probably thousands and advertisers are still trying to get you to see more. This being said, the market is completely oversaturated with these ads and getting a message across to consumers is more difficult than ever. Knowing this, advertisers are getting creative to ensure that […]

How to Achieve a Happy Work-Life Balance

For some people, trying to balance the demands of their career and  personal life is very tough to accomplish. Achieving this goal, which is the elusive “work-life balance” can often feel impossible. Here are a few steps that can help every person dealing with this challenge achieve their goal!

How to Engage Millennials in The Work Place

As millennials are graduating from college and starting to enter the workforce, employers are starting to see that their workplace is becoming more and more millennial-based. While some may have thought that millennials were too interested in their social media platforms, especially since they are the “dot.com” generation, it is an inevitable fact that baby-boomers […]