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The “Bear Necessities” of Marketing By: Ryan Paolini

Marketing is a vast and unique field. It is overflowing with information, but how are marketers successful? Here are some basic terms that every marketer needs to know in order to succeed… Marketing Mix: The notorious 4 P’s of Marketing… Price, Place, Product, Promotion. Market: The group of potential buyers. Target Market: The specific group […]

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Marketing Week Recap By: Grace Brinkerhoff

Marketing Week connects over 400 students to professional development opportunities in the community! This year we celebrated Marketing Week from October 16th – 20th , 2017 attracting more than 400 students to interact with professionals from 20 different local and national companies through panels, workshops, and speakers. There were 12 different events inviting current and […]

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How to perfect your resume // By: Grace Brinkerhoff

How to perfect your resume Your resume gives your hopeful future employer a snapshot of who you are, ultimately helping you land an interview. But with hundreds of resumes and applications being sent in for the same internship or job, how can your resume stand out? Here are 6 tips to perfect your resume to […]

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Old School Marketing Techniques Still Used Today// By: Emily Risch

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it! Despite the increasing digitalization of today’s world, some classic marketing techniques still remain effective. Marketing is changing and adapting with the times, but certain elements appear as if they will be present for the road ahead. From theatricality to psychological hooks, here are five marketing techniques that remain […]

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The Personal Touch of Marketing: Does It Really Work?

What marketing strategies stick out to consumers? According to studies done by Red Crow Marketing, the average consumer is faced with between 4,000 and 10,000 ads a day. If you’re in a world of marketing directly to these consumers, the one question that should jump to mind is which strategies, in particular, will stick out?

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How to Become a Top Small Chapter

As our chapter looks to continue our success and grow in the upcoming years, we sought guidance from schools like Carnegie Mellon University, Rowan University, Texas Southern University, and Northwestern Ohio University, who were all ranked in the Top 5 Small Chapters of AMA in 2016.

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