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A Look Inside This Years Mother’s Day Campaigns

When I think of Mother’s Day I think of being with my family, and my mom, of course, an abundance of cards that read, “I don’t know what I would do without you mom,” and the numerous Mother’s Day commercials on television. As Mother’s Day approaches, it’s only right to look at all of the […]

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5 Tips To Make The Most Of Your Internship

  Whether you’re finishing up an internship or just starting to look for one, there is one thing to keep in mind: no matter what company or industry you choose, an internship provides you with valuable experience in the field and you’re getting the opportunity to work with local professionals. You made it through a couple […]

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Interviewing 101: Five Keys To Success

  After putting the finishing touches on your resume, spell checking every word in your cover letter, and then filling out dozens of applications for a position, you would think the hard part is over, right? Wrong – now you have to get through the interview process.

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Personal Branding: Skipping Into A National Icon

The American Marketing Association had the pleasure of hearing Monica Skipper, VP of Brand Experience at FedEx speak to over 1,400 members of the American Marketing Association this past weekend at the AMA Collegiate Conference in New Orleans. Skipper kept the large audience engaged by testing their brand recognition using partial sections of logos of […]

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An Introverts Guide To Effective Networking

                  In the professional world the phrase “it’snot what you know, it’s who you know,” gets tossed around a lot. For introverts, getting to know people in a networking setting isn’t always the most comfortable situation. But, whether you like it or not, putting yourself out there […]

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St. John Fisher is Officially Sales Certified

One of the events that was attended by several students this past week was the Sales Certificate Program. During this program, students received a sales certification after attending two separate sessions where they listened to sales professionals from several companies, including AeroTek, TekSystems, ABC Supply Company, and Northwestern Mutual. Here, a panel of employees from […]

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Marketing Club Insights: Fundraising Your Chapter to Success

                    At the annual international conference for the brightest young minds in the marketing industry, thousands gathered to hear from the best- both the best professionals and the best students in marketing. Although they were all great and had excellent information, one group caught my attention: the […]

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The NOLA Experience: All We Do Is Win

After several busy and fun-filled days in New Orleans, the conference was coming to a close. It culminated with an awards banquet, which included a tasty meal and allowed all of us attending to come together and celebrate all of our hard work.

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Membership Growth In A Student-Run Organization

What’s a student-run organization without any members? What’s any organization without members? The answers simple: nothing. Eager to learn how to boost our already growing SJFC/AMA chapter, I attended a “leading your chapter to success” session on membership run by four large, successful chapters. Both surprisingly and unsurprisingly, we already utilize many of the tactics […]

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