Why Companies Should Be Blogging in 2016


First let me ask, does your company have a blog? It’s 2016 and blogging is one of the many ways companies can set themselves above their competitors. A company’s blog typically goes along with a product or service the company offers. Everyone wants to be an expert in their field and blogging is an excellent way to prove that.

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A Look Inside This Years Mother’s Day Campaigns

Mother's Day

When I think of Mother’s Day I think of being with my family, and my mom, of course, an abundance of cards that read, “I don’t know what I would do without you mom,” and the numerous Mother’s Day commercials on television.

As Mother’s Day approaches, it’s only right to look at all of the Mother’s Day campaigns companies have spent creating this year. Companies recognize the importance of creating campaigns for each holiday, not only to get people’s attention but to market their brand in a way that presents their personality.Continue reading