AMA Membership

Want to take your AMA participation to the next level?!

By becoming a member of the AMA Collegiate, you will have exclusive access to valuable resources for job hunting, making connections with industry professionals, as well as the latest news and research related to marketing.

Our mission is to provide students with real life marketing experience, networking, and resume building opportunities through collaboration with the American Marketing Association, local marketing professionals, and the St. John Fisher College School of Business staff. Get a jumpstart on your career – start developing your professional business writing and communication skills now, so you can apply them to a real-world environment after graduation.

4 Benefits of Membership

Expand Your Network

It’s not about what you know; it’s all about who you know. Our chapter strives to provide our members with numerous networking opportunities throughout the year to help build and foster professional connections. When you join SJFC AMA, you'll gain the opportunity to join Rochester AMA, and the National AMA, which exposes you to industry professionals.

Travel to Conferences

Each year,  a group of our most dedicated members travels over 1,000 miles to the Pelican State for the AMA International Collegiate Conference. For 5 days and 4 nights, our members get to delve into the marketing world while collaborating, competing, and learning from some of the brightest minds in the industry today. Did we mention the beignets?

Create Lasting Friendships

Not only will you become a better marketer, but you’ll likely form friendships and relationships that you’ll carry with you far after you walk across the stage.

Develop Professional Skills

Traditional academia can only take you so far, and to reach that next level in your career and to stand out from your peers, you need the opportunity to hone and fine-tune your business skills in the real world. Improve your skills through mock-interviews, seminars, and more opportunities!

Sign-up online here. Select the "Student" membership.

Fill it out and remember to join the Rochester chapter for local benefits—only an extra $5.

Enjoy all the great benefits of an AMA membership!