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Meet-A-Marketer: Amanda DeVito From Butler/Till

The culture at Butler/Till, one of the region’s premier media communications agencies, will go toe-to-toe with anyone in the industry. I walked into their sprawling Jefferson Road facility only to be greeted with more warmth and excitement than I can normally handle. But by no means was this a bad thing; in fact, it was […]

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Meet-A-Marketer: Fundraising Tips From Sarah Campagna

Fundraising, while it may seem like an intimidating and daunting task, it’s really no different than sales, well, besides the fact that you’re selling an intangible object: the feeling the individual gets from donating [or the recognition they want]. So, if you’re someone who’s timid about asking someone for money, here are a few tips courtesy […]

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Meet-An-Alumni: Christine Martz of AVANGRID

Christine Martz / kris-teēn / n: adventure seeking, ambitious, driven to succeed, and world traveler. If “Christine Martz” were in the dictionary, this would be exactly what her entry would look like.She works for AVANGRID, one of the North East region’s largest energy producers. As a subsidiary of the Spanish energy company, Iberdrola, Martz was […]

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Meet-A-Marketer: Katrina Busch of Roberts

Katrina Busch, now President of Roberts Communications was in the early days of a six to twelve month recovery from a torn ACL when she walked into Roberts for the first time. This remarkable string of events unfolded after Katrina responded to a blind ad in the Democrat and Chronicle in 1997.

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Welcome To Crazy Dog T-Shirts!

                If I had to describe my experience at Crazy Dog T-Shirts in one word it would be Seamless /sēm-les/ a: moving from one thing to another easily without any interruptions or problems. For a company specializing in funny t-shirts, they had absolutely no trouble getting down to business.

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3 Reasons Crowdsourcing Matters

                      You may be familiar with crowdsourcing campaigns, odds are you’ve encountered more than you realize in your lifetime. Defined as the practice of obtaining needed services, ideas, or content by soliciting contributions from a large group of people and especially from the online community […]

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Neuromarketing: We Can Read Your Mind

                  Mind reading, you may be a skeptic, but rest assured, the knowledge presented here was not pulled from a psychic staring into a magic glass ball. In fact, it reflects an emerging subfield of Marketing, a spin-off of Consumer Psychology, called Neuromarketing. Neuromarketing uses brain imaging […]

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Can Valentines Day Be Considered A Holiday?

                        Can Valentines Day be considered a holiday? Well, how exactly do we define a holiday today? According to Merriam-Webster, it’s a day of celebration; a day when most people don’t have to work. Based on that, Valentines Day certainly is a holiday, or […]

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Meet-A-Marketer: Lauren Dixon

        It should have been a relatively ordinary day for Lauren Dixon and her team; sleeves should have been rolled, computers on with fingers typing, and ultimately, work should have gotten done — but as it turned out, Mother Nature had other plans in store for them, and a seemingly ordinary day […]

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