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How To Give The Perfect Sales Pitch

            Ever wonder how to give the perfect sales pitch? Well, coming up with an effective and efficient sales pitch can certainly be a handful. Regardless of the situation you’re in, there are certain “musts” you should follow to make sure your pitch goes off without a hitch.

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Make The Most Of Your Campaign: It’s all about the gifts!

Kim R. Todora, public relations and media outreach manager of Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) spoke on the power of promotional products in the marketing world. While working at the 113 year old company, Kim learned the power of promotional products, which were once overlooked, and how they affect buyers. Today, promotional products are the […]

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Mint Your Future ft. Career Advice

            After returning from New Orleans, I think I can speak for most of us when I say we’re all experiencing some post-NOLA blues. From the beautiful weather, authentic food, being surrounded by marketers from all over the country, and let’s not forget the Hurricane drinks, it all made the […]

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Why to Pursue a Career in Marketing

            SJFC/AMA had the pleasure of listening to Peter Horst, CMO of The Hershey Company, explain why marketing is such a wonderful profession. Horst’s career path has taken him into industries he could have never fathomed, from working on Entourage, to being a radio host, to even becoming a paralegal. […]

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The Wizarding World of SJFC – Exhibit Competition

Every year, the American Marketing Association International Collegiate Conference (AMAICC) has an exhibit and t-shirt competition with a central theme. For the 2016 competition, the theme was, “Mint Your Future.” Participating teams are tasked with creating a booth that is creative and shows off their chapter’s accomplishments throughout the academic year.

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Meet-A-Marketer: Amanda DeVito From Butler/Till

The culture at Butler/Till, one of the region’s premier media communications agencies, will go toe-to-toe with anyone in the industry. I walked into their sprawling Jefferson Road facility only to be greeted with more warmth and excitement than I can normally handle. But by no means was this a bad thing; in fact, it was […]

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Meet-A-Marketer: Fundraising Tips From Sarah Campagna

Fundraising, while it may seem like an intimidating and daunting task, it’s really no different than sales, well, besides the fact that you’re selling an intangible object: the feeling the individual gets from donating [or the recognition they want]. So, if you’re someone who’s timid about asking someone for money, here are a few tips courtesy […]

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Meet-An-Alumni: Christine Martz of AVANGRID

Christine Martz / kris-teēn / n: adventure seeking, ambitious, driven to succeed, and world traveler. If “Christine Martz” were in the dictionary, this would be exactly what her entry would look like.She works for AVANGRID, one of the North East region’s largest energy producers. As a subsidiary of the Spanish energy company, Iberdrola, Martz was […]

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