Three Tips for Writing a Cover Letter


A cover letter can help a job seeker stand out from the other qualified candidates that are applying for the particular job. At worst, it can make a guaranteed candidate look uncreative. Unfortunately, most cover letters are somewhat generic, making them boring. Ask yourself this question, would your cover letter keep your attention if it crossed your desk?

The chance is, probably not. Here are a few tips for writing an award-winning cover letter.

Don’t Rewrite Your Resume

Most people write their cover letters as if it’s a paragraph-form resume. The truth is, it will be included in the same email or folder as your resume. It should complement your resume, not replace it. Instead, use your cover letter to show who you are and your curiosity and interest in the field you want to work in.

One Page Is Enough

It’s important to keep your cover letter short, sweet and to the point. It should be no more than one page and give depth to who you are and what you can do!

Don’t Address Anyone

There may come a time where you don’t know who you should be addressing in your letter. I wouldn’t start it off by saying, “Dear Hiring Manager” or “To Whom It May Concern.” If you don’t know who you’re addressing, then don’t address anyone. The right thing to do is to just jump right into the body of the letter.

The next time you go to write a cover letter, take these tips into consideration! It might help you land a job.

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