Three Halloween Marketing Tactics for 2016

hungry-history-the-halloween-pumpkin-an-american-history-eHalloween offers a great chance for businesses to launch some fun and interesting marketing campaigns. These Halloween-themed promotions can help businesses entice new customers and get them through the door!

Here are some Halloween marketing ideas that can be effective and bring some festive Halloween fun into businesses while appealing to customers at the same time.

Add Halloween Elements to Your Branding

One of the easiest ways to get your company in on the Halloween fun is to insert popular Halloween symbols into your branding. Even a little jack-o-lantern or Frankenstein on your signage, website or store bags can show people that you’re into the holiday and encourage them to visit you throughout the season.

Tag Team with Fall Themed Attractions

Fall is a very popular time for people to visit attractions like apple orchards, cider mills and haunted hayrides. If you can connect with one of those attractions in your area and offer a promotion when customers shop with you, it could bring potential to your business. It’s a win-win for both your business and whatever business you team up with.

Team Up with Other Local Businesses for Special Events

Many communities and downtown hotspots host special Halloween festivities for families and local residents. Take advantage of these events by offering special promotions, or just having the best decorations and costumes out there. If your city doesn’t offer an event like this, consider teaming up with some other businesses in the area and coming up with one.

By using some of these Halloween-themed tactics, your business can expand it’s potential and make it a fun experience for your customers.

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