Executive Board

Executive Board 2017-2018

You can find our e-board  in Salerno every Monday night discussing ways to make our AMA chapter the best it can be. They spend time each week planning upcoming meetings, competitions, club events and promotional ideas, while also coming up with creative and engaging way to keep our members and the SJFC community involved.

Nicole Coffey | Co-President

Senior | Marketing

Career Goal: A career that challenges me and inspires me daily.

Favorite Part of AMA: All the professional connections gained from it.


Samantha Servati | Co-President

Senior | Marketing

Career Goal:I'm honestly not sure if there is a set goal of my marketing career. I think most aspects of marketing are intriguing. I love making creatives, as much as I love sales. I am not sure, exactly what I want to do. There are many opportunities with this degree and I can't wait to see what offers are out there!

Favorite Part of AMA:I love the opportunities that the AMA offers to myself and students. I love being able to network, resume build and meet new people. This club has provided me with so much information and connections it's awesome!

Emily Risch | Vice President

Junior | Marketing

Career Goal: Be a senior media investment strategist or senior copywriter at a marketing agency

Favorite Part of AMA: Being able to practice networking and interviewing skills

Nate Fuller | VP of Communications

Senior | Marketing

Career Goal: Become a proud business owner

Favorite part of AMA:The great opportunities that it creates through events, networking, and experience.


Rebecca Brant | VP of Membership

Junior | Marketing

Career Goal:I hope to earn my place in the Marketing Industry at an esteemed agency doing what I love! (Still learning things I love/hate every day!)

Favorite Part of AMA:My favorite thing about AMA would be all the opportunities we have to meet professionals in our field of study. Not only in the Rochester area but people around the world who are connected by the American Marketing Association!


Ryan Paolini | VP of Fundraising

Junior | Marketing

Career Goal: I want to be an entrepreneur and my own boss. I just started my own company this past summer called Voltage Fitness Brand and I hope it takes off and I am able to do it full time in the near future.

Favorite Part of AMA: The amount of opportunities to expand our network and have fun while doing it.

Andrew Callaghan | VP of Sales

Senior | Accounting

Career Goal: Develop and build a healthy real estate portfolio

Favorite Part of AMA: The events and networking capabilities.

Kelly Vanderwall | VP of Professional Development

Senior |Marketing and Finance

Career Goal: Some sort of career working with analytics, like Marketing Research or Marketing Analytics.

Favorite Part of AMA: Meeting new people and learning how I can be the best in the profession!

Taylor Laughinghouse | Social Media Coordinator

Senior | Marketing

Career Goal: To end up doing something I love!

Favorite Part of AMA: The connections it brought me and the experiences I will never forget.