The Personal Touch of Marketing: Does It Really Work?

What marketing strategies stick out to consumers? According to studies done by Red Crow Marketing, the average consumer is faced with between 4,000 and 10,000 ads a day. If you’re in a world of marketing directly to these consumers, the one question that should jump to mind is which strategies, in particular, will stick out?

Over the years, marketing has become increasingly automated. While this makes it easier for the professional marketer, it doesn’t necessarily reflect the needs or wants of the consumer. If someone trying to get their message across to the audience wants to be effective, they would be well advised to take the time to get to know them on a more personal level. It may sound weird or inefficient at first, but it’s well worth it in the long run. The more personal a campaign becomes, the better sales will end up being. So where do you start? Where can you interact with hundreds or thousands of potential customers every day in real time? Social media, of course!
Many companies are utilizing social media marketing to get their personal touch marketing across to their consumers. Social media marketing allows for companies to develop a tone and give a face to the company. This leads to two-way interaction between a company and their customers. This customer outreach can be utilized to see what content and product consumers actually want and will attract buyers.
Through personalized social media marketing, companies can also create a strong customer service base. Social media allows for there to be an immediate response to any issues a customer may have. Even if there isn’t an issue, it’s a way for companies to communicate with customers instantaneously. This immediate response is a large driving factor for increasing company reputation. It can also harm a company if they remain silent on social media after a customer reaches out for customer service; a Gartner study found that companies that ignore customer service requests through social media have a 15% higher customer turnover rate than companies that do respond to customers on social media. In present day, consumers want and expect companies to be active on social media.
A company that uses social media as a platform for customer service and understanding their client is CrazyDog T-shirts. A t-shirt company that started in a dorm room in 2004, this company has grown to 26 full time employees in a 30,000 square foot custom screen printing facility in Rochester, NY. They have been so successful due to their own personal touch of marketing displayed online and through social media marketing.
CrazyDog uses their social media to interact with customers daily. From the interactions with customer, they can then create custom designs for their product. Known for their funny t-shirts, especially their flip shirts and maternity shirts, CrazyDog consistently listens to their customers, through their Facebook and Instagram, to find out what they should design next. Their goal is to not only create cool t-shirts, but to create cool t-shirts that their customers really want.
CrazyDog’s use of social media marketing for customer service also benefits their SEM and SEO. In other words, their marketing tactics have a domino effect of generating more success for the company. Companies that want to figure out what their customers want should be like CrazyDog and utilize social media marketing. The personal touch it can create really does work!

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