Old School Marketing Techniques Still Used Today// By: Emily Risch

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it! Despite the increasing digitalization of today’s world, some classic marketing techniques still remain effective. Marketing is changing and adapting with the times, but certain elements appear as if they will be present for the road ahead. From theatricality to psychological hooks, here are five marketing techniques that remain relevant because of their reliance on human nature.

  1. Promotional Gifts

Promotional gifts have most likely been around since the beginning of trade, making them some of the oldest tricks in the book. Companies looking to be cost-effective while making a lasting impression on a consumer should definitely consider investing resources into promotional gifts. A small investment can go a long way when it comes to getting a client’s attention.

  1. Mailing Lists

Even the SJFC AMA turns to this classic move when we want to get the word out about a meeting or event! Mailing lists exist in email marketing as well as traditional direct mailing. It’s another cost-effective way to spread awareness of a product, service, or brand. Additionally, it provides opportunities to be creative in the design of what is being mailed to consumers.

  1. Coupons

Another perk of mailing lists is the ability to send deliverables to specific locations, allowing companies to target their best potential customers. An understanding of local demographics is essential when sending coupons, which can potentially lead to increased consumer interest and trust.

  1. Sign Spinning

This technique is usually put to use in crowded commercial strips in cities all across the country. Another cost-effective investment, sign spinning grabs a consumer’s attention for no more cost than traditional labor. Strange as it seems, sign spinning catches the wandering eye of a customer and gets them interested in what is being sold.

  1. Jingles

Can you think of a jingle from a commercial you heard or saw recently? Is it stuck in your head now? That’s the power that a good jingle can have on brand recognition. That power hasn’t diminished over time because jingles rely on human psychology and our shared capacity for language as opposed to a fancy marketing trick.


As much as some of these techniques may inspire eye-rolling, they have stood the test of time in our ever-changing world. Despite the shift into more modern technological and social media marketing, it’s been proven that sticking to the basics is often what will be the most cost-effective and the best way to grab a customer’s attention.

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