Executive Board

Executive Board 2017-2018

You can find our e-board  in Salerno every Monday night discussing ways to make our AMA chapter the best it can be. They spend time each week planning upcoming meetings, competitions, club events and promotional ideas, while also coming up with creative and engaging way to keep our members and the SJFC community involved.

Morgan van der Horst | President

Senior| Media Management

Career Goal: Own an agency

Favorite AMA Experience: Being announced as a Top 25 International Chapter!

"Life's short. Talk fast."

Nick Pino | Vice President

Senior | Marketing

Career Goal: Run a foundation department for a major health system

Favorite AMA Experience: Networking Event at the AMA ICC

Grace Brinkerhoff | VP of Professional Development

Senior | Marketing

Career Goal: Work in PR & special events for a cosmetic/fashion company

Favorite AMA Experience: Krystal bringing me treats

"Go the extra mile, it's never crowded."

Megan Yeaple | VP of Sales & Web Designer

Senior | Marketing

Career Goal: Lead a sales or marketing team! 

Favorite AMA Experience: Going to every competition I possibly can

"Who you are is defined by what you’re willing to struggle for."

Krystal Bradley | VP of Communications

Junior | Marketing

Career Goal: Create an well-known ad campaign and/or own my own company

Favorite AMA Experience: AMA ICC in NOLA


Emily Risch | VP of Membership

Sophomore | Marketing

Career Goal: Be the CMO of Wegmans

Favorite AMA Experience: Winning the 2017 Internal Sales Competition

"Don't let anyone dull your sparkle."

Melissa Lennon | VP of Community Service

Senior | Marketing & Corporate Finance

Career Goal: Still unsure, hopefully own my own business eventually!

Favorite AMA Experience: Philly!

"Be the CEO your parents wanted you to marry."

Carly Farineau | VP of Operations

Junior | Economics & Marketing

Career Goal: Work in economic policy & development

Favorite AMA Experience: Nights on Bourbon Street

Nicole Coffey | Fall Blog Editor-in-Chief

Junior | Marketing

Career Goal: Create a blog/website around developing recipes

Favorite AMA Experience: Agency Tour

"Being nice is the most important thing you can be"

Michael Gorton | Social Media Manager

Senior | Marketing

Career Goal: Have a commercial in the Superbowl

Favorite AMA Experience: Chicken Willies in NOLA

"There's not a single winner on earth that took it easy." - Gary Vaynerchuck