How To Give The Perfect Sales Pitch

How to give the perfect sales pitch







Ever wonder how to give the perfect sales pitch? Well, coming up with an effective and efficient sales pitch can certainly be a handful. Regardless of the situation you’re in, there are certain “musts” you should follow to make sure your pitch goes off without a hitch.

Make a good first impression

Studies show that first impressions, whether good or bad, are usually made within seconds of your first encounter with someone. For example, show up on time, dress to impress, walk in with confidence, and start with a firm handshake, among things will all make sure you you’re starting off on the right foot.

Capture your audience’s attention

The more time you have their attention, the more likely you’ll get your point(s) across. While they are many ways to do this, a great way is to immediately make the presentation about them; talk about their goals and aspirations and explain to them how you can help them.

Preparation is key

To make your pitch successful, do your research. Not only should you know about the company and person you’re pitching to, acknowledge their current issue and use your research to provide the solution.

During SJFC/AMA’s annual trip to New Orleans, I participated in a competition in which I pitched myself to Aerotek, a top global recruiting and staffing agency. Looking for soon-to-be-grads eager to start their careers, my goal was to convey myself as the perfect man for the job—and I had to do this all in under 90 seconds. I took everything that I learned, walked in with my head held high, my suit buttoned up, hair slicked back and my hand outreached ready to sell and differentiate myself to a company who would be hearing the same thing for the next few hours.

My motto: Impress them not just with my suit, but also with my words.

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