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Google Analytics

At the American Marketing Association International Collegiate Conference (AMAICC),  Deepak Aujla, an analytics program manager at Google spoke about Google Analytics. This service allows anyone to track and report website traffic to gain valuable insight on their customers. Aujla talked more in depth about why analytics is important? When to apply it? How

So, why are analytics important; when should you apply it; how does it work; and where are you supposed to use it?

First, the “why.”

Google analytics is becoming increasingly important in today’s technologically driven landscape. Not only does it allow you to gather valuable data like convergences of advertising campaigns and the effects of commercials, but it helps you analyze visitor traffic. By tracking the routes people take to reach your sites and the devices they use, you can then use that data and alter, change, enhance, etc. the way you reach your target.

Just like any website, it can be customized to your liking so you see exactly the information and data you want to see; for example, there are metrics that show how long people are on your website, or you can track clicks rates.

How about “when?”

Always, always, always, apply analytics. The Google Analytics 360 suite combine 6 products into a package: analytics 360, attribution 360, advice center 360, data studio 360, tag manager 360 and optimize 360. When combined, all of these tools can be used to take at least some of the risk out of your business.

Where to start?

Analytics Academy is a great tool to use to take courses and learn analytics. There is also a help center when there is something in particular you want to know about. The education team teaches and assists. There are blogs that you can learn and read about analytics solutions to learn more.

For more on Google Analytics, take a peek at these great resources.

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