Make The Most Of Your Campaign: It’s all about the gifts!

Make the most of your marketing campaign

SJFC AMA Vice President Casey with Kim Todora of PPAI!

Kim R. Todora, public relations and media outreach manager of Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) spoke on the power of promotional products in the marketing world.

While working at the 113 year old company, Kim learned the power of promotional products, which were once overlooked, and how they affect buyers. Today, promotional products are the 8th fastest growing medium in media, and, surprisingly, are the only form of marketing that buyer’s say “thank you” to. Though surprising to some people, listening to Kim’s talk on the power of promotional products, there are truly no other forms of marketing that buyers are thankful to receive.

Putting yourself in the shoes of the buyer, it’s hard to recall the last time you were thankful for the commercial that interrupted your show, the promotion that was heard on your Pandora station, or the dozens of emails that appear daily in your inbox. However, when you receive something as small as a flash drive, or even a shirt, chances are, your automatic response is to say “thank you.”


As Kim touched on during her presentation, promotional products used to be a last minute thought during a marketing campaign, and that was usually only if there was money still in the budget. Today, that’s not the case. While it may be more costly, it’s important to remember who the audience is that will be receiving the product, and to not go with the cheapest giveaway, but instead, the best product for the audience. For example, if your buyers are looking for computers, it could be more beneficial to give them a flash drive rather than a notepad. With approximately 60% of buyers keeping a promotional product for two or more years, it’s important to strategically plan your giveaway to be something useful and meaningful to the buyer.

While promotional products may seem pricey and unnecessary, that’s no longer the case. For those looking to leave buyers with a positive lasting impression, make sure to truly identify the buyer and how you could best benefit them. If the product is just right, buyers could be coming back to you for years to come.

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