Meet-A-Marketer: Amanda DeVito From Butler/Till

Butler Till The culture at Butler/Till, one of the region’s premier media communications agencies, will go toe-to-toe with anyone in the industry.

I walked into their sprawling Jefferson Road facility only to be greeted with more warmth and excitement than I can normally handle. But by no means was this a bad thing; in fact, it was a pleasant surprise.

I was offered a beverage and took a seat in their serene waiting area where I laid back, read the latest publication of Ad Weekly and let the soothing music lull me into a calming state of relaxation.

And then, as I was nearing a state of irreversible Zen, I spotted Amanda DeVito, the Vice President of Engagement. She was chipperly walking down the hall, smiling ear to ear with an outreached hand ready to greet me. We made our way to her office, filled with colorful art and her chosen form of transportation: a scooter, and began to chat.

The most pressing question on my mind: What exactly is a VP of Engagement and how to do you contribute to the culture at B/T?

Here are four things I found out.

1. Business Development: While this still includes building a client base, B/T’s focus on business development efforts also brings them new thinking and new challenges that allows them to stay current with industry trends.

2. Existing Clients: For B/T, media is all about touchpoints between a brand and a consumer. That can range from traditional to digital media tactics as well as non-traditional, and experimental and invented media. Making connections is what B/T does. And guiding clients on how to create genuine engagement with their customers has made B/T a true extended marketing arm of any organization.

3. Internal Engagement: While it’s “formally” called internal engagement, the focus is the culture, something Amanda said has been ingrained in B/T since its inception. Sue Butler and Tracy Till built a foundation of respect, transparency and a value-driven culture.

4. The Culture Crew: Something unique about B/T is that they have a Culture Crew. To maintain and protect this foundation, this team vets potential employees after their formal interview with more “out of the box questions” like what’s your dream vacation? Ultimately, this aspect of the interview largely determines if you’ll be hired because you can’t fact authenticity; in fact, many of those who got hired said that this part of the interview was more challenging. You can have skills, but B/T also believes you need to be a cultural fit.

To learn more about Butler/Till, all they have to offer, and their wonderful culture, visit, I promise you’ll be impressed.

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