The Art of Selling

Whether you’re a college graduate applying for jobs or it’s already in your job title, nearly everyone is involved in sales of some sort throughout their life. Like many things in life, practice and experience lead to better sales skills. But, because everyone is involved in personal selling at some point or another, here are a few tips.

  1. Create Relationships, Not Sales Pitches

Sales pitches might work on occasion, but the real trick to selling is a positive relationship with the buyer. Building a relationship with the buyer not only increases trust, which increases the likelihood ofEasy-Ways-to-Boost-Your-Sales-Team-Morale-TinderBox you making the sale, but also sets you up for working with your buyer in the long-term, which is ultimately the goal. Give your client a dream that they can connect to emotionally.

  1. Learn How To Communicate

Communication is the key to any relationship, and sales is no different. Learn how to listen actively and you’ll have a better understanding of what your client actually wants and needs. There is a big difference between what a person actually says, and what you think they said when you try and fill in the blanks without paying attention.

Don’t forget to also consider the different communication styles. There are 4 styles that you should learn to recognize and to adapt to. To find out your communication style, take this quiz. Also keep in mind when it comes to communication only 7% comes from words themselves, the rest comes from the tone of voice and body language.effective-communication

  1. Set Yourself Up For Positive Results, But Embrace The Negative

Knowing how to figure out WHO to sell to is half the battle when it comes to sales. Wasting time on leads who have no need for what you’re selling not only wastes their time, but yours as well. Make sure you do your research ahead of time.

If you do find qualified leads but the objections keep coming, consider it an opportunity for you to grow. Learn to read the objections and figure out how you need to adjust your sales pitch to the buyer. You’ll learn to read the signals your buyer sends you and become a better seller because of (2)

For many sales comes naturally and for others it’s a scary unknown. But the truth of the matter is, sales isn’t much more than developing an honest, trust-worthy relationship with the right person, and then helping that relationship grow into something that is mutually beneficial. Keep these tips in mind and get selling!

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