How Women Are Changing The Marketing World

Women in the workplace

Most people may believe that women wanted to be involved in the world of marketing because they were all about creating pretty brochures and planning parties. Shockingly, marketing is the preferred occupation of many aspiring women. The attraction extends far beyond traditional perceptions.

Traits such as being a role model, strong quantitative skills, and good education can eventually help transform that attraction part into professional success. Women have the chance to stand out of the crowd in marketing. Marketing should always be positively influence the bottom line. Therefore, women have to have the ability to analyze and break down numbers to sure they are doing is creating a positive result and driving business through the roof. For an example, Kristen Lemkau, came to JPMorgan Chase in 1998 from AlliedSignal, rising through the ranks to become CMO in January 2014, a role that gives her responsibility for brand, advertising, media, sponsorships, marketing and research. She also oversees communications for Chase-branded businesses. She is also on the board of the Association of National Advertisers, believes taking personal risks is the one and only way to reach success.

How women can be the best of fit in the field of marketing:

  1. Marketing requires a lot of multi-tasking which women are naturally gifted with.
  2. Females are considered to be more approachable than males, as women tend to be more empathetic and better communicators.
  3. Women do the work, but they also do the work well. Women want to make sure every task that they do is perfect, while men tend to be a little careless at times.

How it may be challenging for women in the field of marketing:

  1. It has been proven that men generally have a more aggressive personality in terms of getting their point to their audience, whereas women could be more passive.

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