An Introverts Guide To Effective Networking











In the professional world the phrase “it’snot what you know, it’s who you know,” gets tossed around a lot. For introverts, getting to know people in a networking setting isn’t always the most comfortable situation. But, whether you like it or not, putting yourself out there and making connections is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your career. If you’re an introvert, here are a few tips to make networking a little easier.

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St. John Fisher is Officially Sales Certified

Sales certificate

One of our very own, Matthew Ryle proudly displaying his Sales Certificate!

One of the events that was attended by several students this past week was the Sales Certificate Program. During this program, students received a sales certification after attending two separate sessions where they listened to sales professionals from several companies, including AeroTek, TekSystems, ABC Supply Company, and Northwestern Mutual. Here, a panel of employees from each of the companies talked about the importance of selling, beginning at its most basic forms as well as the foundations of sales: presenting & closing, and report & needs assessment.

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Marketing Club Insights: Fundraising Your Chapter to Success












At the annual international conference for the brightest young minds in the marketing industry, thousands gathered to hear from the best- both the best professionals and the best students in marketing. Although they were all great and had excellent information, one group caught my attention: the fundraisers.

The idea of raising money in a collegiate setting is downright scary; unless you’re the bookstore or bar, students are hard-pressed to open their wallets. Knowing this, I was to the brim with excitement to hear from some of the students who lead successful collegiate fundraisers.

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Membership Growth In A Student-Run Organization

What’s a student-run organization without any members? What’s any organization without members? The answers simple: nothing.

Eager to learn how to boost our already growing SJFC/AMA chapter, I attended a “leading your chapter to success” session on membership run by four large, successful chapters.

Both surprisingly and unsurprisingly, we already utilize many of the tactics larger chapters use to increase membership. Something that I found particularly unique and am excited to implement next year is trying to hook potential members before they officially start their college careers. By attending open houses and pitching SJFC/AMA to incoming students, we could effectively and efficiently “sell” them on all the benefits of SJFC/AMA, including our annual trip to NOLA.

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My Sales Competition Experience: Selling Under Pressure

sales competition


Throughout the weeks leading up to my first and only trip as a college student to the American Marketing Association International Collegiate Conference (AMAICC), I would think of my upcoming trip quite often. But I was not thinking of the warm Louisiana temperatures, or my first Bourbon Street experience, as some of my fellow AMA members likely were. I wasn’t thinking about packing, traveling, or the classes I was going to miss for my week in New Orleans.  Every day, my thoughts would take me down a path of nervousness, reminding me that on Friday, March 18th, I would be competing in the International Sales Competition at AMAICC.

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Marketing Strategy: Can You Think On Your Feet?

Marketing strategy











When I signed up for the marketing strategy competition in New Orleans, I had no idea what to expect. Sure, I’ve created marketing plans and competed in mini, timed brainstorming sessions in the past, but up to this point, nothing could compare.

On the morning of March 18th, I, along with Alexis Verone, my co-president of SJFC AMA walked into a conference room [along with over 100 teams from around the world] at The Sheraton New Orleans, filled with sets of piercing eyes, unassuming and apprehensive, and the clock began to tick.

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Inside Google Analytics And All It Has To Offer

Google Analytics

At the American Marketing Association International Collegiate Conference (AMAICC),  Deepak Aujla, an analytics program manager at Google spoke about Google Analytics. This service allows anyone to track and report website traffic to gain valuable insight on their customers. Aujla talked more in depth about why analytics is important? When to apply it? How

So, why are analytics important; when should you apply it; how does it work; and where are you supposed to use it?

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Make The Most Of Your Campaign: It’s all about the gifts!

Make the most of your marketing campaign

SJFC AMA Vice President Casey with Kim Todora of PPAI!

Kim R. Todora, public relations and media outreach manager of Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) spoke on the power of promotional products in the marketing world.

While working at the 113 year old company, Kim learned the power of promotional products, which were once overlooked, and how they affect buyers. Today, promotional products are the 8th fastest growing medium in media, and, surprisingly, are the only form of marketing that buyer’s say “thank you” to. Though surprising to some people, listening to Kim’s talk on the power of promotional products, there are truly no other forms of marketing that buyers are thankful to receive.

Putting yourself in the shoes of the buyer, it’s hard to recall the last time you were thankful for the commercial that interrupted your show, the promotion that was heard on your Pandora station, or the dozens of emails that appear daily in your inbox. However, when you receive something as small as a flash drive, or even a shirt, chances are, your automatic response is to say “thank you.”


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