The Power of the Personal Brand


We’ve all come to understand what it means for companies to have an identified brand that they are defined by. What is often overlooked, is the fact that each and every one of us have our personal brand. Every day we share our personal brand whether we realize it or not. When we meet someone for the first time, pass a stranger in the hall, or pick up our groceries, the way we look, speak, behave, as well as what we post online all represent our own personal brand.

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Welcome One, Welcome All!


Nestled in the sweet confines of upstate New York, the AMA chapter at St. John Fisher College is very excited to launch our inaugural blog committed exclusively to business and marketing. Since our organization began, we have been granted the opportunity to delve into the business and marketing world and get a glimpse of what the real world has to offer—now it’s time for us to share that with all of you!

Through this blog, you will be enriched with fascinating and relevant content covering a plethora of topics ranging from personal branding, interviewing and social media tips, all the way to sustainable marketing and how to dress in the workplace. You’ll also be able to get a first-hand look into what it’s really like to work in the business world with an exciting content series focused on introducing real life professionals connected to the topics we’re writing about.

Our genuine hope is that this blog enriches and inspires just like it has done for so many of us. We want to inspire you, and ignite an unrelenting desire to create, innovate, grow, flourish and lead.

We hope you enjoy, and if you have any suggestions we encourage you to reach out!