St. John Fisher is Officially Sales Certified

Sales certificate

One of our very own, Matthew Ryle proudly displaying his Sales Certificate!

One of the events that was attended by several students this past week was the Sales Certificate Program. During this program, students received a sales certification after attending two separate sessions where they listened to sales professionals from several companies, including AeroTek, TekSystems, ABC Supply Company, and Northwestern Mutual. Here, a panel of employees from each of the companies talked about the importance of selling, beginning at its most basic forms as well as the foundations of sales: presenting & closing, and report & needs assessment.

After listening to the panel of sales professionals, the students were given an objective of creating a sales pitch geared towards the session that they were attending. During this time, the speakers went around to the students to not only hear their ideas, but to give them advice as well. Following this exercise, several students were selected to present their pitches in front of everyone.

This was an extremely useful event that allowed the students to not only hear from sales professionals, but also to engage with them.

Two students from this event went on to win USCA Sales Student of the Year (Honorable Mention & 2nd Place), so I think it’s safe to say that St. John Fisher knows how to sell!

Are you interested in advancing your career? Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Consider getting Sales Certified!


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