Time Management Tips By: Kelly Vanderwall

Time Management Tips

By: Kelly Vanderwall

Trying to fit school, work, internships, sports, a social life, and sleep into one week can seem like an overwhelming task. While college life is notorious for being stressful, it can be controlled a little bit with a little bit of help from time management.  Here are a few of my favorite time management tips that I use:

  1.   Use Calendars

It is impossible to keep track of all the assignments and events we have, so save the stress and write them down on a calendar or in a planner. I personally use two different calendars. One calendar has all of my appointments, events, and work schedule. Another calendar is of all of my academic events and assignment due dates. At the beginning of the semester I go through all of my syllabuses and write down all of the assignments when they are due. This way you can see a whole overview of your week or month by comparing the two calendars.

  1.   Use Lists

It can be easy to get distracted throughout the day. Every night before bed I write a list of all the things that I want to accomplish the next day. It is super satisfying to cross things off a to do list and it can be something helpful to reference when you are deciding what homework to do next.

  1.   Try to get Ahead

Not much due the next day? Instead of binge watching your favorite Netflix show for the next 5 hours, get stuff done ahead of time! Maybe look ahead to next week and see if you can get something done now. Think of how good it will make you feel and how much less stressed you will feel next week.

  1.   Take Care of Yourself

Remember that your health is the most important thing. Learn to say “no” instead of taking on that extra project for your professor. Get enough sleep, eat enough food, chill out, and spend some time with friends. I find that going on a run before doing my homework improves my focus and productivity immensely.

Time management can be a struggle for everyone but with a bit of planning, you can make the most of every minute in your day!

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