Career Advice From The President of Roberts Communication

Looking for career advice from Katrina Busch, current President of Robert’s Communications? Well, you’re in luck because she’s given us five timeless tips that are easy to implement right away.

Be fearless.

Don’t be afraid of anything — change, new experiences, new places, anything. Sometimes, the best experiences and opportunities come out of the unknown, so, don’t count anything out; use your ambitious persona and take advantage of everything that’s out there.

Be open to taking on any role

Being as versatile and well-rounded as possible will undoubtedly set you light years apart from someone who sticks to their roots and refuses to stray far from their comfort zone. Be open and learn as many different roles as possible. You never know, it could save your job some day.

 All experience is good experience

Growing as a person both personally and professionally will ultimately get you further in life than any other factor. Whether good or bad, take each experience with a grain of salt and put it in perspective. If it’s a good experience, great, if it’s bad, learn from it and take away from it what you can.

 Always learn something new from anyone, anywhere.

A potential tie for first place with number 3 for the “race to be the best piece of advice” is never to stop learning. Times are always changing, and if you don’t constantly adapt and better yourself by becoming more knowledgeable and versatile, you’re just putting yourself at a severe disadvantage.

 Make friends, lots of them.

They say it’s not what you know, but who you know. So, network and make as many friends as possible – you never know when a connection will help you land your next job, project or opportunity. No relationship is a bad one.

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