The Benefits of an International Internship By: Marissa Schneggenburger



The Benefits of an International Internship

by: Marissa Schneggenburger

Having an internship gives you exciting new opportunities as well as prepares you for the professional world. However, international internships give you all of this and so much more. As the world becomes more connected, it’s important to have this international experience, especially if you’re a part of the business world. Here are the five main benefits of an international internship:


  1. Meet people from all over the world


When you work in a different country you get the chance to meet people from all over the world. You can interact with the locals and immerse yourself in the culture to get the most out of where you’re working. You can also meet people from far and wide with different backgrounds and ideas. When you open yourself up to all types of people, new ideas and ways of thinking quickly emerge. Not to mention, you can make amazing friends and find an excuse to travel around the world to visit them.


  1. See New Sights/Travelling


If you’re in a brand new country or city, odds are you like to travel. Take the opportunity of working in a new place as a way to explore. There’s so many hidden gems around the world to see and experience. You never know when you’re going to get the chance to go back so take advantage of it and go see what’s out there.  


  1. Learn about new industries


Working somewhere new exposes you to new people, places, experiences, and industries. There are so many unique industries and fields you’ve never heard of before or know nothing about. Participating in an internship will give you more knowledge about whatever industry you’re working in and give you a glimpse into areas you never thought about.


  1. Make connections


With any internship you can make connections that will help you with your future endeavours. However, if you have an international internship you have international connections. The people you meet at this internship can help you no matter where you are in the world and can offer a unique point of view on whatever situation you are in.


  1. Gain unparalleled experience


An international internship is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that will teach you not only about how to work in a professional environment and how to make connections, but also about yourself. After this internship you will grow so much as a person and can carry this experience with you forever.


If you have the chance to do an international internship, take it because you never know where it could take you.

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