AMAzing Alumni Event

On Friday, January 25th the AMA held their 3rd annual Alumni event and it was a huge success!

This event fosters the relationship between current students and graduates in the business field as established professionals. Staying in touch with the alumni who have shaped AMA into what it is today is crucial for the success of our chapter. The evening was filled with food, friends and newly established connections.

One of the main aspects focused within SJFC’s chapter of the American Marketing Association is the importance of networking. As learned from professionals, your resume can speak for itself and our candidates will shine in an interview but taking advantage of your network can get you a chance to prove yourself. The AMA is a great way to get involved on campus in your undergraduate career and can lead you to new destinations after your time at Fisher. The members of AMA look forward to practicing their networking skills at the American Marketing Association’s International Collegiate Conference in New Orleans, LA this spring. This conference will allow our members to meet and collaborate with AMA students around the world who could potentially open new doors in the future.

A special thanks to Emily Risch, the Vice President of AMA, for putting together this AMAzing event! Also, a huge shout out to all of the alumni who were able to make it!

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