The 2018 International Sales Conference

The 2018 International Sales Conference

By: Samantha Servati

This past week, four St. John Fisher College students went to Orlando, FL to participate and compete in the International Sales Conference held by Florida State University. St. John Fisher College was 1 out of the 86 schools that competed. Our students were eager to compete in the sales roleplay and case competition, as well as network during the career fair.

Nicolle Pierce and Emily Risch were our two competitors who competed in the sales roleplay. The roleplay required to sell Citrix to North American Plastics. Our students took on the role as a Citrix sales associate and got to interact with judges from all over the United States and attempted to lock them down as a potential customer for Citrix. I asked both Emily and Nicolle what their favorite part of the role play was and here is what they said:

Emily Risch: “Learning about different buying situations and different scenarios that you can be faced with when trying to sell a product!”

Nicolle Pierce: “Gaining the real-life hands-on experience that you will get when you enter a selling role.”

Lauren Sauvé and Samantha Servati were our two competitors who competed in the sales case competition. This case was sponsored by Cardinal Health and required its competitors to come up with the best sales training program for their employees. The students were provided Cardinal Health’s background, financials, program details and customer satisfaction. With this information they got to choose if they wanted to stick with one of Cardinal’s former programs, or if they wanted to create their own. Once the program they picked was outlined they created a sales pitch to judges from Cardinal Health.

All of our students also enjoyed the career fair and networking event that also took place. Over 50 companies who helped sponsor the conference were there. Students had the opportunity to discuss possible internships and jobs after graduation. Emily Risch and Nicolle Pierce had interviews with companies a couple hours after meeting them. Both Risch and Pierce have follow-up interviews this coming week and we wish them the best of luck!

After the awards luncheon on Saturday, our students got to go and enjoy Disney World to celebrate. One of students had never been to Disney World and was super excited that she had the opportunity to be able to go. Pierce, Risch, Sauvé and Servati all agreed that the conference was a success and gained so much experience and learning, as well as fun from it.

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