Sustainable Marketing By: Marissa Schneggenburger

Sustainable Marketing

By: Marissa Schneggenburger

With our current environmental crisis, many consumers have become more aware of the products they are buying and the companies they are supporting. Many companies are turning to sustainable practices in order to appeal to customers, increase the longevity of their company, and help the environment. These companies are practicing sustainable marketing.


There are a few different frameworks that outline how companies can market sustainably. One framework combines three elements: green marketing, social marketing, and critical marketing. These components must work together because on their own they are not enough to make a sustainable impact.


  1. Green Marketing

Green marketing has many environmental benefits and works from the viewpoint of holistic sustainability. However, it is often incentivized by the government and can be viewed as a “PR stunt” by consumers, making it potentially harmful to the company.


  1. Social Marketing

Social marketing actually changes peoples behavior to benefit society through customer segmentation and marketing social change, however, it can rarely be done by a brand that is not well-known, trusted, and has high brand loyalty.


  1. Critical Marketing

Critical marketing is the final component which can monitor the current marketing efforts as well as guide regulation, control, and correction of the market. It challenges and reshapes traditional marketing.


By combining these three elements, companies can market sustainably. By doing so, they can become socially responsible brands and create themselves a pathway to the future. Accountability, communication, and dedication are additional important elements for this schema to work, and when done correctly can be extremely effective. It’s time for more companies to become more environmentally aware and they can do so without losing profits or customers. With frameworks like this, brands can improve their image, therefore increasing profits and number of customers all while helping the environment and making a difference.

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